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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

William Hogarth 'An Election Entertainment' 1754

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William Hogarth An Election Entertainment 1754 Image Source:  Tag Source: (1) Great Artists. Annotated Art, by Robert Cumming(2)  Text on the bannerLiberty and LoyaltyWhigs slogan Text on the banner (under foot) reads: Give us back our 11 days. In 1752, Britain adopted the Gregorian calendar. To enact the Reform,  Wedesday,  September 3rd, was followed by Thurdsday September 14th.  Riots broke out because workers thought they had beeen cheated out 11 days wages. Candidate 1 Candidate 2 Tories (competing polical party) parade down the street with effigy labeled No Jews and banners Liberty and Marry and multiply in spitit of the devil, protesting Whigs policy to emancipate Jews The local mayor is bled by an apothecary to recover from a surfeit of oysters (2) A defaced portrait of William III on the back wall suggests that the Tories have already used the room for a similarly disordered entertainment (2) A Whig attorney, registering votes, collapses on to a pile of serving dishes after being struck on the head by a brick thrown through the window (2) Satirical Painting inspired by election of 1754.Whigs (political party) election entertainment,while competing party parade down the street

William Hogarth \'An Election Entertainment\' 1754
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