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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jean A.D.Ingres 'Apotheosis of Homer', 1827

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Jean A.D.Ingres Apotheosis of Homer, 1827 Homer Iliad Odysey Angel or Nike Aesop Pindar Hesiod Socrates Perecles Pheidias Michelangelo Aristotle Aristarchus Alexander the Great Gluck Camoens Fenelon Longinus Boileau Molier Racine Tasso Mozart Dante Vergil Horace Peisistratus Lycurgus Rafael Sappho Alcibiades Apelles Euripides Menander Demosthenes Sophocles Herodotus Eschyles Orpheus Linos Tag Source:  Poussin Corneille Unknown Image source:

Jean A.D.Ingres 'Apotheosis of Homer', 1827
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