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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jacques-Louis David 'Napoleon in his Study", 1812

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Jacques-Louis David Napoleon in his Study, 1812 Time is 4:13 im the morning, see candle burned low.Meaning: Great leader is working all night for the people Candle hints the early morning Document is Napoleon CodeCodification of law during Napoleon era.Meaning: reminder of Napoleans greatnessduring failed war with Russia 1812-13 Book is Plutarchs Lives, written in the Roman Empire with bioraphies of Greek and Roman leaders.Meaning: Napoleon is in the same group as Plutarchs heros like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar Rolled-up document is a map of France with signature and date: David, 1812 This wonderful painting is a shameless propaganda piece for Napoleon during his failed war with Russia in 1812 The throne like chair, designed by David, with initial N for Napoleon Tag Source: Great Artists, by Robert Cumming Image source:

Jacques-Louis David 'Napoleon in his Study", 1812
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