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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gustav Courbet "The Painter's Studio" 1855

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Gustav Courbet The Painters Studio 1855 Image source:  Dagger, gitara, floppy hat as symbols of romatic art, ignored by Courbet Plaster figure as a symbol of academic art, ignored by Courbet Skull over newpaper as sybmbol of critics, ignored by Courbet Political dictator Napoleon III in disguise, opposed by Courbet Allegory: Naked woman as a symbol of Truth, guiding Courbet Tag source: Art. Annotated Guide by Robbert Cumming Allegory: young boy as a symbol of the eyes of innocence Group of oppressed people including a French revolution veteran, a Jew, a China man, an Irish woman, a laborer, a poacher Symbolism of art subject: LandscapeArt establishment in Courbet time did not consider landscape a fit subject for a serious painter. Chosing this subject in his studio, and ingoring atributes of classic and romantic art Courbet chalenges establishment French writer Champfleury,the founder of Realist moverment in literature, friend of Courbet Great French poet Charles Baudelaire Art collector Alfred Bruyas Socialist Piere-Joseph Proudon Baudelaires mistress Jeanne Duval. Image was later painted over Gustav Courbet, self-portrait

Gustav Courbet "The Painter's Studio" 1855
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